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  1. My dear sister,
    You are one in a million. I have fond memories of you which will linger for years.

    You taught me to respect all persons, the importance of righteousness, values of self-preservation and promotion and much more.

    As our God almighty dwelleth. God had his own plan and now you are in a better place where there is no pain. May your soul through the mercy of God test in peace. May the perpetual light shine upon you and rest you in peace AMEN.

    Elijah Njoroge

  2. Hi mummy, I hope the English in my tribute is up to your standards 😊.

    Mum was to me an embodiment of Gods love to us on earth. She was such a gentle soul and always had a kind word for me when I’m beating myself up. Her laugh was so infectious and she had a healthy sense of humor. I would call her to make jokes and loved to make her laugh. I will miss calling her and hearing her say “hi mum” and I would reply “hi Mum”. I wish I could have protected her on that fateful day.

    I’ll tell you a little story. My sister and I had insisted on coming home last October to celebrate my dads birthday. Mum insisted that we come in December instead of October. We relented and came home in December where we had a great birthday party celebrating my fathers life. In that party she gave an incredible speech in which she gave all of us in attendance the 10 commandments for living a happy life. Looking back on this speech, I believe my mum, even though she did not know her time on earth was nearing the end, was saying goodbye to us in her own special motherly way. This speech will live with me forever.

    We actually spent so much time together. She was going out of her way to make sure this trip was extra special. In fact she is the one who advocated for this last trip together and made sure we would all went. When we got back to Nairobi we continued spending time together and I even commented that I felt as though she was going out of her way to make us happy. On the last trip we took together to Zambia in December Mum told us about her childhood and how it was not easy for her. I admired her gentle strength so much and so proud that nothing got in her way to success both in her family and her career. I again believe that this was God giving us our last chance to spend as much time as we can together. In her own way she was saying goodbye.

    When the tributes came in I couldn’t have been prouder of my mother. She was a mother to many. She encouraged so many people to pursue avenues they never thought they would without her encouragement.

    St Gabriel’s church was very special to my mother. On our Sunday talks she would always ask us to call after church. She would always tell us that she prayed for us and for us to do the same for her. This memorial in the church she has fought for and helped plan is truly a proper send of for her.

    Going to her place of death felt like the hardest thing to do as I imagined how badly I would break down. When I got to the site I felt some sort of calm. When everyone was huddling together I felt as though I needed to go and look for her of course knowing that her physical body was not there. I kid you not, as I was looking amongst the debris for a miraculous sign like maybe her seat number, something even more miraculous happened. I found a cross in the soil sticking out just enough that I could see it. I quickly picked it up and even though the authorities were refusing people to take objects belonging to the plane they didn’t stop me taking it. Considering hundreds if not thousands of people have been to that site and I found a cross in the soil. It may have been a part of the plane but it was a cross pointed out by her to me to let me know she was still there with me, with us and she was in heaven. Another thing that happened to me was that we were in my mums study and someone asked for a certain book. I said out loud “mummy where is it” and my attention was taken to the exact area the book was. Again I felt her presence near me.

    I will cherish our last conversation before you travelled and the last text message the day before your fateful day. I know you loved me unconditionally and I know you knew the same from me. The last words I wrote to you was “anything for you mum”. I will continue doing anything for you. I know the life you want me to live and I am going to continue making you proud. I never wanted this day to come. I vow that people will see you in me and you will live on in our memories forever.

    Please children cherish your parents. Do everything in your power to listen to them and follow their advice. They want nothing but the best for you in life. I know this was true for my mum. She was selfless. If you have lost your parent we are with you. This pain I feel is unimaginable. If you have your parents count yourself as blessed. Do not take it for granted that they will be there tomorrow.

    Mum I vow to be more like you. When I interact with people, I want them to see you in me. I have always admired your gentle soul and strength. You exuded elegance but was always so humble. People are in awe of your accomplishments that you never spoke of to people.

    I love you mummy. I have said that to you every time we spoke. I’m so proud to be your daughter and vow to make you proud with every breath I take. Now you can watch over me from heaven. I love you, love you, love you. I will never love another lady like I do you.

  3. I hear you calling me with your sweet voice: “Chui” “princess” “mwana wakwa” “baby” and I feel warm in my heart.

    As a child growing up, I was ‘mummy’s baby. I always wanted to be with mum. Anywhere she goes, I tagged along. If I’m hurt, I want to cuddle with only her, when I’m happy, I want to laugh with her. She was a strict mum and didn’t let me get away with any mischief but at the same time loving to the core. You can say, I was attached to her hip.

    Mum brought us up in the Catholic faith. She diligently took us to church and encouraged us to participate in as many church activities as possible helping us grow in our faith and relationship with God.

    It’s the little things we did together that made us bond when growing up. I remember making her my original cooked tomato and onion sandwiches that she loved, doing our weekend manicure and pedicures, braiding hair together, prayers, shopping and lots more. My childhood was full: full of fun, full of life, full of love.

    When I got to my twenties, mum and I started to became the best of friends. We started to tell each other any and everything regarding Relationships, religion, love, finances everything. She would give me sound advice for every problem I had. She would calm me down when I was rilled up. Excite me when I was down. Direct me when she saw me failing. Honestly, when things weren’t going as planned in my life, all I had to do is talk to mum and her voice would calm me down instantly letting me know that everything would be ok.

    One major thing I’m really grateful for is If it were not for mum, I would not have moved to Australia to pursue my masters degree and later live there. She was the one who wanted me to move to Australia and start a new life. Australia was not a country I wanted to visit let alone live in but she convinced me to try it first before writing it off. That was the best decision I made. I have never regretted it and regularly thanked mum for steering me in the that direction. This is where I grew as a whole and I could see that she was very proud of me and of my accomplishments. This is for you Mum.

    My last talk with mum was on Friday morning on the 8th of March. It was 9am Australian time and I was busy at work and she was about to go to bed in Italy. We talked about so many things that morning until I forgot I was at work and she had to remind me to get back before I get fired! We could have gone on for hours knowing us so I planned to call back to finish the stories but didn’t get the chance to. I’ll finish the stories when you visit me in my dreams mum.

    I don’t know if I will ever get used to the pain but I know you would want me to be strong not only for myself but for each other. I’m soo greatfull that I got to grow up with my mum and shared numerous memories that I will cherish. She knew I loved her and kept her in my prayers always. Mum, I will tell my children and hopefully my children’s children of the person that you were and how proud I am of you and try to emulate you in every way possible. God purposefully picked you to be my mum because the bond we had together, only the almighty can create.

    Till we meet again. Your princess, Wachui

  4. Where do I even start, my heart is broken. My mentor, someone I have known all my life, someone I looked up to since when I was a child. I looked forward to your visits with Uncle G since I knew you would always bring me something nice. In high school I loved English, reading books you had authored and always wanting to be like you. You got me my first job at the Kenyatta University at the department of Educational Communication and Technology, you were my boss for a while before I moved to the Library where I would with so much pride catalog some of your works, I put your name proudly in my CV and I have always hoped that one day mine would read as accomplished as yours I am however gutted that I have to (someday) edit mine where your name appears as a referee…………Oh! during one of the glowing tributes at your memorial service I learned that you took swimming lessons later in life, I have began mine as well, better late than never, right?….. You and uncle have been there for mine and other families in times of joy and sorrow. I remember one day last year I called Dad and asked him to ask you guys if we could come visit because I thought that I’d be disturbing your rather tight schedule and Dad asked me to call you instead, I called you and you said you would make us lunch. I remember we arrived and you were so happy and told us that you had been waiting for us, we enjoyed a delicious meal and we chatted for long and went to the shamba and got some very SWEET avocados and you asked us to keep coming back for more since the trees produced a lot. The next time we met was at dad’s funeral and once again you and uncle came through for us in a tremendous way, we shall be forever be indebted to you. God has called you home and you have departed from this world and it hurts so much. Your absence will be felt forever. I know dad is waiting on the other end to show you around. Look out for us. Uncle Gathumbi, Wachui Stella, and Wairimu maybe I can’t stop the downpour but I will always join you for a walk in the rain. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Go well Prof.

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